Welcome to Mermaid's Delight Natural Seaweed Skin Care, Natural Organic Woollens From Hornby Island

Mermaid's Delight is a skin care line that offers products made from ingredients that are organic or wild harvested from the pristine waters off British Columbia Canada.  The products are made as naturally as possible, to save all the natural healing properties of the ingredients. 

The phenomenal healing propecrties of seaweeds has been hidden from western society far too long. It is time that we claim back that knowledge and use it to heal ourselves, our families and our planet.

The founder of  Mermaid's Delight gives seaweed workshops to teach people how to harvest and use seaweeds for food and medicine.

  New article posted from Macleans magazine about one of Vera's seaweed field trips, take a look at it.

Also check out the new line of all natural hand spun organic woolen garments from the mermaid.


All Mermaid's Delight Products are available at the Hornby Island Farmer's Market from May to Oct.  Or contact me for mail order.