Mermaid's Delight Seaweed Products


 Mermaid’s Delight products are made from natural macroalgae from the clean pristine waters off the Northern Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. Available through mailorder, the Hornby Island Farmer's Market (May-Oct), and  soon to be in local organic markets.

Price List

Nature’s Wash Cloth $20
Seaweed Facial Masque
(Enough for up to 30 facials)
Sea Orb, Seaweed Sunscreen & Detoxifying scrub
(Each package contains 4 orbs. Enough sunscreen for your family for 8 weeks.)
Seaweed Field Guide $20

 * Prices do not include shipping costs


Hornby Island Seaweeds: A Field Guide

   This book can be a useful tool for learning and fun while you are out in a kayak or out on the beach with your family. It is designed as an aid to the identification of the edible, medicinal, and potentially toxic seaweed species around Hornby Island’s sub and intertidal zones. It contains photographs or drawings of 64 species native to the area. Each photograph is numbered to correspond to the species list on page one. In this list there is a code beside each specie’s name that identifies whether a species is edible, medicinal, potentially toxic or an invasive introduced species.  
  A compendium to this field guide will be available in the near future. In the compendium there will be physical descriptions of each species morphology, habitat and harvesting methods. The specific nutritional, medicinal and toxic properties of each species will be discussed. There will also be a recipe section filled with ideas on how to incorporate the seaweeds into your diet.
SeaOrb UV Protection, (a natural sunscreen & detoxifying scrub)

  OceanSilk UV Protection is an old concept relearned through science. We all want to protect ourselves, and our loved ones from the harmful effects of excessive Ultra Violet Radiation (UV). However, at what cost to our health and to our environment? Chemical sunscreens have been shown to disrupt our endocrine system and enhance estrogen production. The SeaOrb is made from local seaweeds and recycled cotton, nothing added or taken away. The mucilage produced by the SeaOrb not only protects your skin from UV damage, it also supplies nutrients to your skin and leaves it soft and moisturized. A green healthy and economical way to protect your family.
   Directions are simple. Soak the SeaOrb in water (fresh or salt), mush with your fingers until your feel the mucilage being released. Squish onto fingers and apply to exposed skin. The application will cool, sooth and soften your skin, as well as protect it from harmful UV radiation. Reapply as needed. Each ball can be reused for 2 weeks if stored in a cool place.
   This product can also be used as a detoxifying scrub in the bath. The seaweed releases minerals and other nutrients that are absorbed into and through the skin, nourishing the whole body. This species also helps the body release toxins through the skin. After scrubbing the skin with your SeaOrb, sprinkle Epsom salts into the bath water to help draw the released toxins out.
 Seaweed Facial

  Contents & Directions- Organic &/or wild harvested: Red, green & brown seaweeds from Hornby Is., rose petals, calendula petals oatmeal, clay. Mix 1 level tsp in bowl. Stir while slowly adding hot water until consistency is slippery. Keep bowl warm while mixing as seaweed releases its healing properties (~15 min.).  I found it easy to keep warm by putting my smaller bowl of facial into a larger bowl of very hot water, or in the winter on a heating pad on the wood stove. Apply warm to face. Leave on 1 hr or until dry. Remove with warm water & Natures Wash Cloth.
Nature’s Wash Cloth

  Nature’s Wash Cloth is a natural product from the clean pristine waters off the Northern Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. It can be used in bath, shower or sauna, as a cleansing cloth that exfoliates dead skin while it releases its healing mucilage. It’s key to better health is it’s ability to revitalize the skin, by increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body aiding in detoxification, and by the antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and other healing properties within its mucilage. Remember to always massage towards your heart. Your skin will look better and feel softer. After use the cloth can be hung up with a cloth peg to dry. The number of times a cloth can be used depends on the temperature it is exposed to. As this macroalgae starts to break down with use it releases larger quantities of the healing mucilage which can be applied as a skin lotion or as a hair conditioner. This product is for external use only. Enjoy and share with your family and friends.

  Gamazio is a traditional Japanese condiment that is full of calcium and other minerals that are lacking in our modern soils. It gives a delicious salty and nutty flavor that is fantastic on salads, sandwiches, soups and vegetables. It contains organic unhulled sesame seeds and Bull Kelp fronds, dry toasted and ground together.


All Mermaid's Delight Products are available at the Hornby Island Farmer's Market from May to Oct.  Or contact me for mail order.